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MDF Doorskin Mould

Mantsoe a latelang ke a MDF Doorskin Mold a amanang le Doorskin Mould,I ea tšepo ea ho u thusa ho utloisisa hantle MDF Doorskin Mold

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Tlhaloso ea Sehlahisoa

Compression Mould

Compression mould is HC Mould's biggest business, and we specialized in SMC/BMC/GMT/LFT/HP-RTM mold for more than ten years.

SMC ke letlapa la sebōpeho se entsoeng

SMC is a mixture of polymer resin, insert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalyst, pigments, stabilizers, release agents, and thickeners. Manufacturing of SMC is a continuous in-line process.

This process produces high strength, complex parts in a wide variety of sizes. Matched metal dies are mounted in a hydraulic molding press. The material charge is manually or robotically placed in the mold; the heated mold halves are closed, and up to 2000 psi of pressure is applied. Cycle time ranges from one to five minutes, depending on part size and thickness. Features such as ribs, bosses and inserts can be molded in.

Likarolo tsa fiberglass tse entsoeng ka lik'hamphani li khetholloa ka boholo le sebōpeho sa marang-rang, likarolo tse peli tse babatsehang tsa ho qetela, le likarolo tse ikhethang-tse ling tsa ho pheta-pheta. Ho qeta le ho qeta litšenyehelo ha ho fokolang.

Li-coatings le li-vacuum tsamaiso ea lithulusi li fumaneha ho ntlafatsa bokhoni ba ho penta, ho felisa tlhokahalo ea ho qala.

Meriana ea mebala e ka etsoa.

Molemo oa likarolo tsa SMC tsa ho etsa lintho tse latelang ke tse latelang:

1. Good dimensional stability, including excellent thermal resisitance.

2. Pigmentable for molded-in color, best appearance with mold texture.

3. Excellent property retention in cold and hot environments.

4. Suitable for outdoor use in applications involving UV exposure and water.


BMC is bulk molding compound

BMC mold used a thermoset plastic made up of a polymer resin, various insert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, stabilizers, and pigments that form a viscous. It is highly filled and reinforced with short fibers.

BMC is available in bulk bags as well as slug form. The mixing operation can be done in a number of ways. There are three methods for combining glass with paste: a continuous screw mixer, a sigma blade mixer and a plough blade mixer. The process chosen is dependent upon specific product properties, product form and volume.

Depending on the end-use application, compounds are formulated to achieve tight dimensional control, flame resistance, high dielectric strength, corrosion and stain resistance and color stability. Its excellent flow characteristics make BMC mold well suited to a wide variety of applications requiring precision in detail and dimensions. The material is available in a wide variety of colors.

Ntle ho moo, hlobo ea BMC e loketse bakeng sa ho hatella kapa ho kenya mochine. Ho hatella sebōpeho sa BMC ho sebelisetsoa ho hlahisa likarolo tse rarahaneng tse kang lisebelisoa tsa motlakase, lisebelisoa tsa koloi, lisebelisoa tsa lisebelisoa tsa motlakase le lisebelisoa, litsing tse khōlō tsa indasteri.

GMT ke Glass Mat e tsosolositsoengThermoplastics, a kind of sheet molding compound with fiber reinforced thermoplastic. It is produced on huge laminators, using a thermoplastic resin and one or more forms of reinforcement. The process yields a lightweight, partially consolidated, semifinished composite in sheet form. Most forms are produced to 1300mm to 1400 mm widths. However, some newer forms are made to greater but proprietary widths. The sheet stock may be cut to size to suit placement in the tool for a specific application and also can incorporate a decorative or functional surface laminated to one side. GMT mould makes possible the production of large parts with low tooling costs and fast cycle times via compression molding. The potential for parts consolidation presents the opportunity to further reduce weight and cost.

Monyetla oa likarolo tsa hlobo tsa GMT: tšebeliso ea khatello e tsosolositsoeng, e tlaase ea sebōpeho, nako e telele ea ho boloka, potoloho e khutšoanyane, mokhoa o phahameng oa tlhahiso.

GMT hlobo e sebelisoa haholo ka likoloi le kaho ea mohaho, indasteri ea lik'hemik'hale, thepa ea lipapali, thepa ea thepa, joalo-joalo.


LFT Mold (Long Fiber Thermoplastics)

LFT is bulk molding material that feature continuous fiber filaments running the full length of the pellet allowing these materials to exhibit simultaneous improvements in strength, stiffness, and impact resistance over a wide temperature range.

Meanwhile, D-LFT (Direct-long fiber thermoplastics) is available for injection or compression molding. Most D-LFT systems, feed glass roving into a twin-screw extruder (TSE), where it is chopped by the screws as it is mixed with molten polymer and additives that have been metered in separately. To improve surface finish, some systems use knives to prechop the roving prior to entrance into the TSE. This method generally yields a shorter fiber, while the direct roving feed produces long fibers and yields parts with higher structural performance.

The advantage of D-LFT mold is that it can reduce production cost by elimination of semi-finished products and logistical effort, and increase production flexibility.

Boemo ba Khoebo

Since established in 1996, Huacheng Moulde fetisitse ISO9001 mme e buelloa hore e be se molemo ka ho fetisisaSMC/BMC/GMT/LFT/ LFI mould supplier in China. With the company philosophy of “Honesty, quality, and efficiency” which enable us to keep a long-term cooperation with our customers overseas. Having the capability of design and making moulds according to European technical standards and quality level, Huacheng has become one of the pillars of the industry.

We have successful experience in making various kinds of moulds for:

  • Auto Parts:Sekontiri, sekoti sa mochine, mochine oa mokokotlo, lehlakoreng le ka pele, monyako oa teraka, seteishene, lebone la lebone,boto ea maoto, fender etc.
  • Puisano le thepa ea motlakase: Electric meter box, cable branch box, transforming and distributing box, air-condition, satellite dishjoalo-joalo.
  • Sanitary le Kitchenware:Batiba, hlatsoa basin, teba, boto ea siling, mochine, ntlo ea maboteng joalo-joalo.
  • Door:Re na le phihlelo e ikhethang ka ho etsa hlobo ea SMC / MDF / HDF e nang le thollo ea lehong.
  • Transportation:SMC Sekepe sa motlakase, sesebelisoa sa seporo sa SMC, setulo sa terene, marulelong, fensetere ea lifensetere le liaparo tse ling.
  • Kaho:Water tank, septic-tank etc.

The customers ea Huacheng Mold keall over the world, suchjoaloka Amerika, Italy, Malaysia,Thailand, Iran and so on. Lihlahisoa tsa rona li thabela the highest quality with the most reasonable price.

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